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Enrichment Training!

The Butte College Foster/Kinship Care Education Program provides workshops to any adult community member to meet the changing and increasingly challenging needs of families. WORKSHOPS ARE FREE AND OPEN TO ANYONE!!

Howard Glasser

"Make every moment an opportunity to create success. See what the child is doing in each moment. Recognize them: Say it out loud…in detail."

- Howard Glasser
Bruce Perry MD, The 6 Core Strengths

"The human brain is a remarkable and complex organ. It is the organ that allows us to form and maintain relationships, read, write, dance and sing. There is not a single aspect of human life that doesn’t involve the brain."

- Bruce Perry MD, The 6 Core Strengths
Daniel Siegel MD, Brainstorm & Parenting From the Inside Out & The Whole Brain Child

"Where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better, first we have to make them feel worse?"

- Jane Nelson EdD, Positive Parenting
Mac Bledsoe, Parenting with Dignity

"Whether you believe it or not, your children will make ALL the important decisions in their lives on their own. The only thing you as parents can do is teach them how to make good decisions."

- Mac Bledsoe, Parenting with Dignity
The Nurtured Heart Approach

"With the right structure, kids can play life with the same zeal and accomplishment as they do in the video games. The structure helps them to thrive and flourish. "

- The Nurtured Heart Approach
Becky Bailey PhD, Becoming Brain Smart & Preventing Power Struggles

"Love, acceptance, and inclusion are the true ingredients of lasting behavioral change."

- Becky Bailey PhD, Becoming Brain Smart & Preventing Power Struggles

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Join Us and Learn Today!

Join Us and Learn Today!

Team Building

“Learn about the role of foster/kinship parents as effective and essential members of a professional team, including expectations, responsibilities, supports and lifelong impacts.”


“Learn about foster/kinship parenting issues of attachment, commitment, relationship with the youth's family of origin, expectations, responsibilities, supports and lifelong impacts.”

Helpful Info

“Obtain realistic information about the needs and strengths of youth and their families who voluntarily or involuntarily require family foster/kinship care services.”

Gain Knowledge

“Learn the knowledge and practice the skills necessary to become and remain licensed, or certified as a foster parent.”

Family Life

“Consider the impact of foster/kinship parenting on all aspects of their family life, including the jobs, health, finances and other family members.”


“Learn how to protect and nurture youth who have been physically abused, sexually abused, emotionally maltreated, abandoned, neglected and/or who have special medical needs.”


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If you are interested in learning more about the resources available in our Foster & Kinship Care Education Program please visit these Links & Resources.

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Are you looking for advice or helpful articles to help in your family? Visit our Helpful Reading section for more information and advice for Family Enrichment and Foster Kinship.

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Peruse these videos from the ultimate parenting source for information and guidance from experts and parents on how to enrich your family life.

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