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Welcome to the Social/Behavioral Sciences and Communication Community at Butte College, a dynamic academic nexus designed to inspire your intellectual curiosity and launch your career in the influential fields of social sciences and communication. Our comprehensive programs include studies in Psychology, Sociology, English, Communication Studies, History, Anthropology, Political Science, and Early Childhood Education. Each curriculum is carefully crafted to offer an immersive and enriching academic experience, facilitated by our expert faculty with vast knowledge and real-world experience in their respective fields.

For students with a vision to delve deeper into the social sciences and communication, our programs also pave the way for smooth transitions to four-year institutions. We are committed to delivering a well-rounded education that cultivates critical thinking, effective communication, and a keen understanding of human behavior and societal dynamics. Join our Community at Butte College, where education extends beyond conventional learning, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us and empowering students to become change-makers in their communities

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Created for both new students and current professionals, our programs prepare you for lifelong careers and vocational professions. Many of our programs also transfer into private, CSU, and UC programs.

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